Flights and Holidays:

Q1- Do I need a passport to make a booking?

A1- This can vary depending on the flight provider (airline), and the specific route. Often for domestic flights a passport is not required, and other forms of ID are acceptable. Some providers request passport and ID at the time of booking and you won’t be able to complete your booking without these details, while with others may allow you to enter this information post-booking, or when you are doing online check-in a few days before travel.

Q2- Why do prices sometimes change when I agree to book a flight or hotel?

A2- Flight prices and availability change constantly, based on the available inventory at the time of booking. There is a possibility that from the time you initiated the enquiry to the time that you actually decided to book and pay for the flight / hotel, the original inventory is not available anymore and the price has changed. The price is updated again so you can be sure that you will always get the best price available from us at time of booking.  

Q3- Can you guarantee the price for flight or hotel?

A3- It’s not possible for us to guarantee the prices of flight tickets or hotel unless booked and paid at the time of quotation. We make every effort to ensure the information provided is accurate and up to date but prices can change frequently with availability.

Q4- What are the Visa Passport and Travel Documents required for my flight?

A4- Different airlines, countries and governments have many different requirements for passports, ID, visas, and other travel documentation, which can also vary depending on your own nationality.

Importantly, it is each passenger’s personal responsibility to ensure they have the correct documentation before they travel, so it’s essential that you check these details before booking your flight.

Our best advice is to check with your destination & transit country’s local Embassy or Consulate before you book, and certainly before you fly.

Remember, it is each passenger’s personal responsibility to ensure they have the correct documentation before they travel.

Q5- Change in booking or cancellation   

A5- Change in flight / hotel / other travel services booking can be done as per the applicable airline / hotel / service provider’s policy/terms & conditions

With some airlines / hotels (& other services) changes are possible by paying date change or flight change penalty, however certain tickets / services are non-changeable/non-refundable.

Cancelation terms will be conveyed to you at the time of booking before issuance of ticket / travel services. Kindly make sure to check the cancellation conditions before booking / firming up your travel plans.

Q6- What are the cancellation charges?

A6- There are charges for cancelling your flight ticket or hotel bookings / other services. These are charged by the service provider (airlines / hotels and other service providers) and are advised at the time of booking / quotation. Some of the services are non refundable and will attract 100% cancellation fee. Further in case of no show you may not get any refund for the service or may have a fee for cancellation / refund. You are requested to check with the travel consultant on the cancellation charges and refunds before you book any service (flights,. Hotels, tour package etc..)

Q7- How much baggage can I carry?

A7- Depending on the flight provider, the rules, conditions, and prices for luggage (including sports equipment) do vary.

It’s always a good idea to check the itinerary / ticket copy to know the free baggage allowance (checked-in baggage and cabin / carryon baggage allowed).

In case of any doubt please do not hesitate to contact one of our travel consultants.

Q8- Can I obtain Travel Insurance through SNTTA?

A8- SNTTA works with reputable Travel Insurance providers to cater to risks associated with international travel. Our comprehensive Travel Insurance products are designed to meet all you travel needs as well as good for visa application requirements (for obtaining visas to any Schengen country). Typical cover includes personal baggage, money or passport ; baggage delay ; delayed departure ; emergency medical expense etc. ; You can get your travel insurance certificate immediately after purchase. If you are a frequent traveller, we have Annual Multi Trip Plans. Contact us to know more about Travel Insurance.

Q9- How do I book flight / hotel for a large group

A9- In order to get the best deal for a large group (over 12 pax), we suggest you send us the enquiry for us to send you special offers on various airlines & / or hotels. We also arrange dedicated check in for your group depending on the group size etc. to know more kindly contact us.

Q10- Children traveling alone

A10- Some airlines have different rules and prices for people under age 18 who are travelling alone. We recommend you check this information with the travel consultant before you book your flight.

Corporate Travel:

Q1- How do I open a corporate account with SNTTA?

A1- SNTTA provides bespoke business travel services to its corporate customers. Kindly contact a member of our corporate sales team on 800-SNTTA (76882) or email us on [email protected] to know more about corporate travel management services and to open a corporate account.

Q2- Does SNTTA provide a corporate online booking tool?

A2- Our Corporate online booking tool is designed for companies to book and manage business travel in an efficient and cost effective manner. The traveler or the travel booker within corporations can book their flights and hotels at the click of a button while complying with company travel policy helping the company to control cost and ensuring compliance. To know more or to request a demo, please contact our corporate sales team on 800-SNTTA (76882) or email us on [email protected].

Q3- Can we book our business travel flights, hotels, car transfers and events etc through SNTTA?

A3- SNTTA is a one stop shop for all your travel requirements. We have a comprehensive solution for your company’s travel requirements and our sales team will be delighted to present the same to your organization.


Q1- Can I book a transfer to my hotel?

A1- We can arrange a transfer from your arrival airport to the resort, either by shuttle service, private taxi, or minibus/coach. For more information, please speak with your travel consultant or call us at 800 SNTTA (76882).

Q2- Where can I find my car transfer personnel?

A2- You can find your car transfer (with your details on placard)  as you exit after baggage collection and customs at the arrivals meeting point within the airport terminal building. At the hotel you can check with the concierge or find the driver at the hotel car parking. We suggest checking the contact and other details on the car transfer voucher provided to you for further / detailed information.


Q1- How can I raise a complaint?

A1- The SNTTA team provides the highest level of customer service to its customers and takes all issues raised by them very seriously. We ask that you contact our Customer Relations Department by email at [email protected] . If you wish to submit a formal complaint. It would be helpful if you could provide as much detail as possible.

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